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Kailash Patel

Chartered commercial business broker
Having over 20 years of prior business experience, Kailash Patel, has been a chartered commercial business broker since 2003.He is ideally suited to understand your buying and selling needs.
As a business owner, Kailash Patel has many years of experience in numerous areas of private business life. His experience includes several years in the retail industry and he has managed the franchise rights for several major Quebec businesses, acting as master franchisor.
Whether it's to purchase a new business or to sell an existing one, with his extensive background, Kailash Patel is certain to provide you with the best possible representation in your business negotiations.Mr. Patel has the knowledge and experience to safeguard your best interests.Call now for some straightforward and transparent advice!

Swati Boyadjian

Marketing guru - Mercantile Realty
Swati is in charge of marketing campaigns and developing strategies and tactics to get the word out about our company and to drive qualified traffic to our door.
She is responsible for the process of developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing and planning for advertising, promotions, and sales, in order to attract potential customer segments and retain existing ones.
Selling a business? Swati is the one to reach out to. She talks sales. She knows marketing and promotion!

Kapila Minesh

Administrative assistant - Mercantile Realty
With over a decade of administrative experience, Kapila is the connection-key of our team. She receives and replies to all correspondences; verbal or written. She ensures that all communication is delivered to the correct recipient in a timely manner.
Her sensitivity allows her to understand the needs of customers and to safeguard their privacy, which is why she is always available and acts with great vigilance.
In addition to these duties, Kapila also represents the face of the business; acting as a receptionist and welcoming guests with discretion and cordiality.

Collaborating agents

Mercantile Realty Agents are local experts who can get you better results with efficiency at an optimal price.

Other Teams

Mercantile Realty Agents are local experts who can get you better results with efficiency at an optimal price.

Legal Team

  • Neil STOOPLER, lawyer
  • Jaspreet SINGH, lawyer

Accounting experts

  • Iliya Timan and Associates, CPA firm
  • Kirill Gontt, CPA
  • John TOOKE, CPA

Partnering Financing institutions

  • Private investors