Has the time come to sell your business? Whether you are selling to start a well-earned retirement or simply to launch a new venture, selling a business is a major decision. This can often be a lengthy and overwhelming process.Choosing the right broker to help you sell your business is a very important decision; and having a chartered business broker on your side assures that your best interests are always looked after and that you achieve a winning solution.
Team Kailash Patel’s main goal is to sell your business efficiently and at an optimal price. Our talented team of experts and our vast network of contacts assure our clients of a smooth and worry-free process. An effective publicity campaign, in conjunction with our social media presence, provides us with the capability of finalizing deals quickly.

With Team Kailash Patel, the needs and interests of the buyer and seller are safeguarded. Accordingly, we require a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before we are able to share confidential information regarding any business opportunities (For more information, please refer to the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) document below or in the documentation section).

Seller documents


Is an organization (company) where products and services are exchanged and involves monetary transactions. Every business requires investment and clientele in order to earn profits.
Included in this category: Convenience stores, coffee-shops, dry-cleaning, restaurants, franchises, supermarkets, tobacco-shops, video-clubs, day-nurseries, gas-stations, etc.
Businesses can be privately owned, not-for-profit or government-owned.

Residential properties

This is the most sought after category. Included in this group are houses, condominiums, residential buildings of less than 5 apartments, as well as mobile homes. Trading in this category carries uncertainty and risk, and therefore it is always recommended that you deal with a chartered real estate agent for a hassle-free and safe transaction. In short, to help you sell fast and at an optimum price. Call now!!

Industrial properties

Included in this group are buildings that are utilized for industrial activities. Such activities are defined as: manufacturing, storage, research facilities, warehousing, as well as logistics and distribution centers, and are usually located near highways. Generally, these properties are government regulated; suited for savvy investors.

Commercial properties

This category is perfectly suited for investment proposes.
Included in this class are: all revenue properties, such as residential apartments and or offices buildings, hotels, motels, resorts, etc.
Investments in this group are focused on returns and are appropriate for individuals looking for long term strategic investment vehicles. People targeting a vision of: Go Big or Go Even Bigger!